Handwriting Journal Page

I love searching and finding artists journal pages in the hope of being inspired. Whether it be a technique I’d like to try or the colour combinations or perhaps the style.

I’ll admit yesterdays page didn’t start so good. Not that there was anything specifically wrong, I just wasn’t feeling the pink and blue lol SO out came the gesso to cover it up, ready to start all over again lol.

I had no plan with this page other than I wanted to do some kind of doodling. Eventually I decided upon a little cute house which I would quite happily craft in haha.

I hit a wall what to do next so I went on to finish some other design work. By the time I had that finished it was rather late and I was tired but I wasn’t ready to admit defeat just yet. So I got comfy in my bed with my sketch book, pencil and black fine liner.

photo 5

Here’s the finished page…

photo (6)

 Step by step…..

photo 1

1 -Add a layer of buff coloured acrylic paint (Daler Rowney). Using a wet baby wipe go around the edges with light brown acrylic paint (Daler Rowney).

photo 22- Using a wet baby wipe go around the edges with red acrylic paint (Daler Rowney).

photo 3

3 – Doodle some clouds onto an old book page using a pencil then cut out. Cover in white acrylic paint but not too much as they still want to be able to se the book text. Once dry use 0.5 black fine liner to go around the edges of the cloud. Now using your finger, slightly smudge the black link.

photo 1

4 – Using a black fine Posca pen doodle some hanging hearts. Now fill in the hearts using a fine white Posca pen. Fix the book paper clouds to the page using strong glue.
photo 4

5 – Doodle a house onto smooth white paper. Colour using acrylic paints and once dry add detail using a black fine liner pen. Using a wet baby wipe sweep to over the entire image to give an aged look.

photo 2

6- Fix the painted house to the right of the page.

photo 3

7 – Again using the black and white Posca pens, doodle some heart plants and some large text. To finish add some small text up one side of the house using a black 0.5 fine liner pen.

My next post is all about the latest edition of Making Cards magazine and this month I am on 3 pages, how amazing is that!

Clare x


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