Focus – Journal Page

Today I’m sharing with you my Messy Fun Friday journal page where I got the chance to try out a collage technique. This involves taking text from an old book page and transferring to a journal page.It’s fun, quick and so effective!

I also got the chance to use my camera girl image in my sketch book at long last. It was supposed to be used for another journal page that I blogged about but a girl can change her mind……right? ha ha.

photo 2

Here’s how I created my page…..

  1. Stick chipboard shapes onto mixed media card . photo 1
  2. Using medium gel cover the page with a sheet of crumpled tissue 2
  3. Apply a layer of gesso across the entire page. Once dry add a layer of white acrylic paint. Leave until 3
  4. Mix a small amount of blue paint with white acrylic paint. Using a baby wipe blend the light blue paint with the still damp white acrylic paint layer. Paint over the stars with a brush and silver paint. Next smudge silver paint around the edges of the page using a finger. Blend white acrylic paint randomly over the page, again using a finger. Now mix a small amount of Cosmic shimmer pearlescent mica powder with a little water to create a wash.Use a flat brush to spread the Cosmic Powder all over the journal 4
  5. Stick a piece of clear packing tape to a section of an old book. Smooth down the tape evenly until only a small corner is sticking up. Use this corner to then gently pull the tape off. Next I used water to rub away (use finger) the excess book page from the back of the tape, leaving the text still in 5
  6. Scan my camera girl image from my sketch book onto my computer. Touch up using photo editing software then print onto Ryman’s smooth paper. Now colour using alcohol markers then trim to (5)
  7. Stick the coloured image to the right of the stars then create the word ‘focus’ from stickers. These stickers were originally blue so I changed them to black using a black alcohol 2

Here’s a little close up or two!

photo 3

photo 4

Have a great weekend!



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