Happy New Year

A big Happy New Year to you!

2015 was an eventful but exciting year. Goals were achieved, new opportunities came my way and new adventures started.

Here’s my year in review……

The start of the year kicked off  with a trip to Stitches in Birmingham in February. I had a blast meeting new people and catching up Sarah Hurley, Jaine Drake and the rest of the design team. It was a real learning curve allowing me to make decisions and plan for the future ahead. Would you believe in a few weeks time I’ll be doing it all again with a twist!


April I opened my Etsy store where I sell my MINI MAIL and MINI MAKES range.


Not long after my feet landed back home it was soon time to hop back on a plane in April, this time to Coventry for CHA Creative Exchanges Designer event. It was non stop fun where I got the chance to meet lots of amazing people. The seminars were so educational, my little notebook sure got a hammering.I honestly can’t wait to do it all again this year.

May brought the biggest change when I decided to give up my day job as Play leader at my local charity toddler group. However despite my heart breaking and lots of tears I knew it was the right decision. And as a good friend once told me you always have to look forward.

In June I got the amazing opportunity to get published in Making Cards Magazine and have since been a regular contributor, how exciting is that! I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing team.


July was time to visit my best friend Sarah Hurley and a lessoned learned to never accept a jelly been from her ever again ha ha


I also had a marathon to run. Running the marathon resulted in raising lots of money for Accord Hospice in Paisley, where my mother in law sadly spent the last few weeks of her life after battling cancer.

August was crazy busy juggling work whilst the children were off school for the summer holidays. 


September  and October I got to see my cards in print in the September and October edition of Making Cards, making a little appearance on the front cover on the October edition.

November was spent making scary plans for 2016 eeeep!


December was long hours working hard to achieve existing goals but it doesn’t seem like work when you are having a ball! More change then came but more about that later.

The last day of the year was celebrated with a bang, celebrating the new January edition of Making Cards magazine. And once again a made the front cover, bottom left!


So that takes us to 2016, it’s going to be a cracker!

Clare x


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