Good witch, bad witch, which witch?

Several weeks ago I purchased a new sketch book and I honestly couldn’t wait to start filling it. So that same night, once my little cherubs were tucked up in bed I spend the evening chilling out doing a bit of doodling.

  Those that know me well, will tell you I don’t do scary, instead I do cute witches holding skulls with a heart for a nose lol Why?…….just because ha ha!

I then scanned the image onto my computer and tidied her up a bit before printing her out, colouring her in and finally trimming her to size.

Next was the messy part, which was a little challenging because I had decided to try creating a background using only black and white eeeeeek! I also challenged Jaine to do the same hee hee.

I wanted to ground my witch and the skull heads on sticks so I doodled a border partially along the bottom of my page. Finally I added some text and voila!!!

photo 1

here’s a little close up

photo 2

It’s been another productive day here in the studio with lots of exciting stuff getting ticked off on my to do list, so I’m a very happy bunny!

Clare x

p.s only 2 more sleeps until Halloween!!!

Clare x


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