Messy Fun Friday

Friday saw the making of Messy Fun Friday after I spent the morning creating a journal page with Jaine via facetime. Despite the thousand of miles apart, it almost felt like we were crafting in the same studio. There was lots of mess and laughs and holding of my breath as I dipped my toe into the world of journaling and it all started with a doodle……..


I doodle everywhere! This little cutie bird came to life whilst I was supervising Lewis doing his homework. It wasn’t planned as you can tell from the lined paper lol. It was later that evening that I had that light bulb moment of scanning the image onto my computer, touching up the image then finally printing it out in different sizes. Fast forward to Friday where the real fun began!

Once I had created my background with Jaine, I added some doodling and finally my bird images and sentiment.


I have a feeling ‘Messy Fun Friday’ will become a regular thing so watch this space!

I’ve entered my journal page into Craft Stampers Challenge, wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by!

Clare x


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